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Primary Ichthus 2018

Primary Ichthus always seems to come around too quickly each year and mentally as a camp coordinator, I consider it to be the end of my ‘camping season’ allowing me some time to regroup before kicking off again the July with Senior Ichthus, yet it is my busiest, most energetic camp and starts my year with a bang! Primary Ichthus was no exception this year with a gathering of 46 campers, a...

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Resources For Families

Parenting Toolbox for Teens

Parenting Toolbox for teen (12+) yearsFrom Sunday 20th May, 3.00pm – 6.00pmFour afternoon sessions covering atmosphere, communication, self-esteem, boundaries, discipline and more … practical parenting strategies, inspiration and encouragement from 3.00pm to 6.00pm on:Sunday 20th MaySunday 3rd JuneSaturday 16th JuneSunday 24th Juneat St Andrew’s South Brisbane. Child minding will be...

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Resources and Ideas For School Chaplains

Creating a RAP for your school

Does your school have a RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan)? Why not? A RAP is a formal statement of your school's commitment to reconciliation. Why not start work on your school's RAP in 2018?If you are looking for information and resources to do this look no further than Narragunnawali. They have a platform to help you develop a RAP in your school. The also have resources for...

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It's currently #nationalvolunteerweek and we wanted to make the most of this Friday by saying 🎉Thank You🎉.. Read more on Facebook

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY We love reminiscing on our past camps and thinking about all the amazing memories we made! Senior.. Read more on Facebook